Are you good at texting and driving?

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Is Anyone "good" at Texting and Driving?

Are you good at texting and driving? Maybe you quite often find yourself checking your Facebook notifications when behind the wheel, so you can see how many likes your new selfie has. After all, it’s hard to resist when the person who you fancy is commenting “so hot” and posting “fire” emojis, right? ?????? 

Well, if you’re texting or Facebooking behind the wheel, you might want to make it count. After all, in Australia alone, 25% of accidents occur because someone is using their phone behind the wheel. Taylor Sauer, who was just 18 years of age, was killed when her car rear-ended a truck. She was travelling 80mph. 

The last text she sent -


“Driving and Facebooking is not safe, haha!”

You may feel like an extra in the Fast and Furious franchise when you’re cruising with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on your phone, windows down, and music blaring. The truth is though, texting behind the wheel is not cool - it's dangerous. It’s irresponsible, and something as simple as replying to a text could mean the end of your life, or someone else’s.

So don’t text or use any social media site when you’re driving. The risk isn’t worth the reward, and it only takes a few milliseconds to have long-lasting implications on your life. The person you’re texting will still be available to chat when you pull over at a gas station, and the likes on your Facebook photo will still be there when you get home. Your life is worth more.


Of teens Acknowledge

that texting and driving is dangerous


of Teens Admit

They do it anyway.


More Likely

To cause an accident than drunk driving.

Everyone is different. Multi-tasking comes easier for some than it does for others. But even if you see yourself as an exceptional multi-tasker who is able to take on the world one text at a time while hurling yourself down a road at 80mph...... the cars hurling towards you may not be as well equipped to handle life or the most recent FB update. You are going to need all of your mental faculties to manage their craziness.

The good news? You're aware now - and can let your friends know (while protecting their fragile ego) that you are against them texting and driving, NOT because they are "bad" at it, but because everyone else on the road is. They're likely to agree, put the phone down, and focus on the task at hand. And when self driving cars come around, you will be able to text your little heart out and keep up with the latest and greatest in your social life. 

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