WHAT IS THE CANCELATION POLICY? You can cancel up to 24hours before your booked driving lesson. If you have to cancel within 24 hours then you will still be charged.
WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT TO ENROLL IN A DRIVING SCHOOL? The minimum legal driving age in Australia is 16. You must also pass a knowledge test have a supervised by full license or Instrctor complete 120 hours in logbook minimum of 20 hours for night driving and age 17 pass the practical driving test you be eligible to drive on the road by yourself as a P Plater provisional license.
WHAT IS THE DURATION OF EACH CLASS? It usually lasts for 1 hour. However, the class duration can be increased to 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the student's needs.
WHEN DOES AV DRIVING SCHOOL OFFER LESSONS? Our business hours are from 7 AM till late and seven days a week. We take utmost care in accommodating the learners' convenience and special requests.
HOW DO I PASS MY DRIVING TEST? When you prepare adequately, getting a license becomes an enjoyable affair with goals well set and adequate preparation. Your driving instructor sets a goal date after the initial assessment and works towards it with sufficient planning. Test route preparation and practice tests are the included components. We aim to get you the license on your first go.
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY LICENSE? It depends on your ability to learn the driving skills as every individual is unique. We assist you in acquiring those skills in the fastest and most practical way. On average, it takes 25 hours for a new learner to be equipped to drive safely.
WHERE WILL MY LESSONS BE HELD? The driving lessons start and finish at a location convenient to you. The sessions can start from your home address, school, or office as advised by you.
WHAT IS DKT? The DKT assesses a driver's knowledge of the road rules and safe driving practices. It is a requirement in some states for learner drivers, provisional drivers, and drivers who want to upgrade their license to a higher class. The test consists of questions on Road Rule scenarios and hazard perception. For More details: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/book-driver-or-rider-licence-test
HOW MANY QUESTIONS ARE ASKED FOR THE DRIVER KNOWLEDGE TEST? You are expected to answer 41 out of 45 multiple-choice questions. The questions will cover road rules, traffic signals and signs, and safe driving practices. To pass the driver knowledge test, you must demonstrate a good understanding of these topics. For More details: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/book-driver-or-rider-licence-test
WILL YOUR DRIVING SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR FILL IN MY LOGBOOK? A maximum of 10 hours of structured lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours of driving experience, applicable only for the daytime driving instructions.
WHAT TYPE OF CAR WILL BE USED FOR THE LEARNING SESSIONS? Our fleet of cars is the most modern in the industry, and all our vehicles are less than four years old. We provide training in manual and automatic cars in all areas we serve.
IS IT POSSIBLE TO TAKE DRIVING LESSONS IN MY CAR? Yes, you can learn to drive in your car in Australia with a fully licensed supervisor as long it's fully insured and meets TfNSW regulations for learner vehicles. Many people choose to do so for several reasons.
DO YOU HAVE KEYS2DRIVE FREE DRIVING LESSONS? Our cars are safety guaranteed! This means that our vehicles are not only fully inspected and verified by TfNSW (the Australian Transport Safety Authority) but also equipped with dual controls. All our cars are with 5-star safety ratings.
ARE CARS IN YOUR DRIVING SCHOOL DUAL CONTROLLED? Our cars are safety guaranteed! This means that our vehicles are not only fully inspected and verified by TfNSW (the Australian Transport Safety Authority) but also equipped with dual controls. All our cars are with 5-star safety ratings.
DO YOU HAVE KEYS2DRIVE FREE DRIVING LESSONS? Keys2Drive classes focus on coaching how to learn safe driving, coaching in how to learn safety, and support for the whole journey. Note: You must come with your supervisor to this driving lesson. All Australian learner's licenses will be eligible for only one driving lesson the Commonwealth provides. For more infomation go to keys2drive.com
DOES YOUR DRIVING SCHOOL PROVIDE A CAR FOR THE DRIVING TEST? Yes, we provide a car for the driving test. For more information, feel free to contact us. https://avdriving.com.au/Services/Driving-Test
ARE CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED AT YOUR DRIVING SCHOOL? Yes, we accept most credit cards at our driving school. But note that a 2.2% merchant fee is deducted on all card payments as processing cost.
CAN I TAKE A DRIVING TEST WITHOUT A COVID 19 VACCINATION? No, you should either get covid 19 vaccination certificate, or you need to provide a Rapid Antigen Test report within the last 24 hours
ARE ANY CLASSES PROVIDED ON WEEKENDS? Yes, we offer lessons on the weekend. Please consider booking 3-5 days in advance to book your spot.
WHAT TYPE OF DISABILITY IS ACCEPTED AT YOUR SCHOOL? Yes, we are an NDIS provider. We are trained to provide services to students with various disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, hearing impairment, Dyspraxia, and anxiety disorders.
DOES YOUR DRIVING SCHOOL SUPPORT NDIS PARTICIPANTS? We are a registered NDIS Provider and offer lessons to participants with NDIS funding.
I HAVE AN OVERSEAS DRIVING LICENSE. DOES IT HELP ME TO GET MY SUPPORT FASTER? It depends on the country of origin of the license. Driving Licenses originating from some countries can be directly converted to Australian licenses. In some cases, you may be issued a full license or a green P instead of a red P after passing the driving test, depending on the country of origin and the duration of the overseas driving license. Please get in touch with our office.
AM I COVERED BY INSURANCE? At AV Driving School, we are fully insured, and your safety is covered every time you get behind the wheel with us. All our instructors have passed the necessary police and working with the children checks.
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