Driving Test

Advance & Vision is a company that offers a comprehensive driving test package to help individuals obtain their driver's license. The company's mission is to provide individuals with an easy, convenient and stress-free process to obtain their driving certification. With the driving test package, individuals no longer have to worry about finding a suitable vehicle for the test, as the package includes the use of a well-maintained vehicle for the test.

The package is designed to ensure that individuals are well prepared for the test. This includes a pre-test warm-up drive with one of the company's experienced instructors. This drive will allow individuals to familiarize themselves with the vehicle and to get a feel for the driving conditions that they can expect during the test. The instructor will also provide feedback and guidance to help individuals overcome any weaknesses they may have.

In addition to the pre-test warm-up drive, the package also includes pick-up and drop-off services. This eliminates the need for individuals to find their own transportation to the test site, and ensures that they arrive at the test site on time and feeling relaxed and ready to take the test.

We suggest you schedule at least one professional driving lesson before taking the test.

Test Package

(2.5 Hours)
  • Car for test
  • Pick up
  • 1 hour  Test warm-up
  • Drop off
  • *Please check our suburbs before purchasing a package.         

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