Best Practices That Make You A Safe Driver In NSW Roads

By George

Driving is an important skill for many Australians since it provides liberty, comfort, and accessibility. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Every day, accidents occur on the road, resulting in injuries and fatalities. According to the National Crash Dashboard of the Australian Government, the annual road deaths are registered in the numeric value of 1,116 and are unfortunately caused by careless drivers and unsafe road practices. So, adopting safe driving practices is critical to ensuring your safety, the safety of others, and compliance with Australian vehicle rules and NSW legislation. In this blog, we'll look at the major practices that make you a safe driver in Australia, backed up by data and real-world examples.


Know Your Vehicle:

Get to know your vehicle properly before hitting the road.  Vehicle-related difficulties were responsible for 6% of fatal crashes in NSW. Such catastrophes can be avoided with regular maintenance. It is critical to know about your vehicle's controls, blind areas, and maintenance needs. Check your vehicle's lights, brakes, tires, and fluid levels on a regular basis to guarantee it's roadworthy. This approach aids in the prevention of accidents caused by mechanical malfunctions.

Respect Speed Limits:

Speeding is a major cause of car accidents and fatalities on the road. It was responsible for 37% of road fatalities in Australia. Always follow stated speed restrictions, which are intended to keep you safe. Speeding fines and punishments are severe in Australia, and penalty points can result in licence suspension.


Stay Sober and Drug-Free:

Alcohol is responsible for around one-third of fatal accidents in NSW each year.

Never drive while impaired by drink or drugs. Those caught driving while intoxicated risk harsh penalties in Australia. For most drivers, the blood alcohol limit is 0.05, while for learner and provisional drivers, it is zero.


Put on your seatbelt:

Seat belts are not just a law; they can save your life. Make certain that all passengers are securely strapped, and that children are using appropriate car seats or boosters. It is an understandable fact that seat belts almost saved an estimated 249 lives in Australia last year and be prepared to be a safe driver using the core benefit of this powerful invention.  


Keep Your Focus:

In 2022, 10% of fatal accidents in NSW were caused by distracted driving. There is growing worry about distracted driving. Maintain a focused attitude when driving by keeping your hands and attention on the road. The majority of Australian jurisdictions forbid using a mobile phone while driving.


Follow the traffic laws:

Learn the laws of the road in Australia, which may differ slightly from one state to the next. Always abide by lane markers, traffic signs, and signals. Accidents can occur when people disregard stop signs or red lights. According to statistics, 15% of fatal crashes in NSW were the result of running red lights. So be wise in roads as well as being a safe driver and a responsible citizen. 


Stay Cool and Wait:

Over 2,800 incidences of road rage that resulted in accidents and injury were reported in NSW in 2022. Situations can rapidly become more dangerous when aggressive driving is displayed. Maintain courtesy and patience while avoiding aggressive driving situations.


Be mindful of the weather:

The weather in Australia is sometimes erratic. Driving speed should be reduced in wet or windy weather, and caution should be exercised in areas that are prone to bushfires. A better driver is always notified not with speeding, but with the safety precautions followed by the drivers in every situation, no matter how hard and clumsy the weather gets. 


Driving is not the act of exhibiting the skills to the world but making the road precisely suitable and comfortable for all road users. Following the law is only one aspect of driving safely; you must also make a commitment to your own and other people's safety. By following these practices daily, you'll not only avoid legal trouble but also considerably lower your chance of mishaps and injuries. Remember that everyone has a responsibility to drive safely in order to make Australian roads safer for all users. So get ready to nail your journey safely and lively!

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