Botany Driving Test Route & Tips 2024

By George

While we would love to give you the exact route and scenarios that you will have when you do your driving test in Botany, I’m afraid that each instructor will vary it and make it unique. Sorry for the disappointment. 

In saying that, don’t be discouraged as I will break down everything you need to do, to pass your test first go. 

To get familiar with the Botany area, we recommend spending time driving throughout the suburb to get comfortable. If you are not confident in any area e.g parking, then look for as many opportunities to practice. The more you do it, the more confident you will become. 

Driving test tips. 

  • Know what's expected

Read the NSW driving test manual and understand what is expected of you. You can download it here

  • Use a car you know

Whether you have your own car or need to borrow a vehicle, make sure you have practiced driving that type of car before and know how to operate all of the key features.

  • Signal

To signal before you leave a car park or kerb, be sure to hold your signal for at least 5 seconds. Try to do this when changing lanes or making a turn too.

  • Don’t Panic

If you get stuck and think you've failed the test, don't panic. The examiner is lenient, so it's still possible for you to pass with some minor mistakes. Just stay calm and believe in yourself!

  • Pay Attention

A lack of attention is usually the main cause of minor faults by learner drivers. For example, when you are learning to drive a manual there is a lot to focus on - but it can be done successfully!

  • Don't Rush

Don't rush into taking your test and only do so when you feel ready. Instructors are skilled at looking for the best time to reschedule your test, so don't worry about when they can work with you. You will pass the exam with flying colours.

  • Listen to your instructor

Your instructor knows your ability, so they'll let you know if you're ready or not. The instructor doesn't have anything to gain by encouraging you to take the test early and admitting that you won't pass. If the instructor admits this, then they will have wasted their time too and their pass rate will also go down.

  • Stop

You should never "roll through" stop signs. In addition to getting a ticket, you might also get fined and deducted points from your license.

Do a mock test

Whether with a qualified instructor or not, you can do a mock test to get a feel for how it will be on the day and diminish some of the nerves. A&V driving school offer mock test as part of their driving test preparation lessons. 

Your first driving exam may be a bit nerve-wracking, but our top tips will surely give you the best chance of passing on your first go. To really ensure that you’re fully prepared for the test, we recommend taking a lesson with us.

If you are new to driving, our instructors can help you build your skills and make the right choices that will help you to pass your test. Professional instruction allows learners drivers alike the opportunity to learn, grow and become confident drivers.

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