Electric Vehicles Are The Way Forward

By George
Electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles are, of course, the need of the hour, especially in an age where everything is taken for granted, including the environment. 

How serious are people about electric vehicles, and why must we opt for them?

According to research, 20 percent of all cars sold to people worldwide will be electric.

The percentage will only keep increasing year by year.

These days, most individuals prefer an e-vehicle as they're easier to maintain and saves fuel costs.

 Driving tests and driving lessons  usually make one nervous, but with the advancement in technology and electric vehicles, they have become much more straightforward than they were. The cost of running an electric car is 40 percent less than the cost of using any form of fuel for any similar-sized vehicle covering the same distance. 


Does NDIS fund driving lessons?

Yes, NDIS funds driving lessons for all those people who are physically challenged or have been suffering from a crippling disease. They also take into consideration top driving schools that have the best instructors.

It would be best if you reached out to them concerning your ailment, and they take in all the details required. They then create a plan for you based on your condition and obtaining a driver's license gets smoother through their active intervention.


EVS doesn't emit toxic gasses

Electric vehicles do not use fuel, so the emission of poisonous gasses gets prevented. The environment, too, remains cleaner in this manner as there are no pollutants released. Any step towards a greener and cleaner planet must always be appreciated.

 The air quality index is the measurement of toxic substances that are present in the layer of the atmosphere in which we thrive. The AQI for metropolitan cities is dangerously high, and EVs can considerably bring it down.



EVs allow for better driving

Driving schools across the world provide driving lessons that are not entirely comprehensive. They merely equip one with the basics of manoeuvring a car around and leave it at that. The driving instructors feel jaded, and the driving lessons they provide are half-baked.

With electric vehicles, one will not have to worry much about how efficiently they have been driving around. 

People with disabilities will feel more at ease if the vehicle they use has responsive acceleration and regenerative braking. 

 EVs have both as they tend to have a low center of gravity and ensure that the individuals inside the car are comfortable and safe. 


Less noise pollution

EVs are also quieter compared to the petrol or diesel modes of transport that exist. They are so calm that, per government mandate, they now have to have an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) that emits a sound while traveling or even reversing. 

We could make do with some peace in the bustle that we live in. The noise pollution we remain exposed to damages our hearing and lessens our peace of mind. It becomes challenging to quieten the mind if one is always in the middle of noise. A person's health can only improve if they eliminate noise pollution from their life.


For those of you who are seeking a haven for disability driving, Advance and Vision Driving School is their one-stop destination. 

Our Driving Instructors have received training under the NDIS guidelines to handle every client in a manner that is best suited for them.  

We continue to assist several such clients daily and make a difference in their lives.

Electric vehicles are here to stay, and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages that they come with. 

To lead a sustainable life on this planet, we must adopt cleaner ways of going about our days. 



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