Hold your child’s hand

By George
Driving school Marrickville

As pedestrians, children can be easily distracted and are often too small to be seen by drivers. They may be unable to predict or identify dangers and tend to act impulsively.

 Talk with your child about safe behavior on the footpath – it’s not a safe place to play as it is near the road and vehicles may be entering or exiting driveways.

Until your child is at least eight years old, hold their hand:

  • on the footpath
  • in the car park
  • when crossing the road.

Up until at least 10 years old, supervise your child very closely, holding their hand when crossing the road.

 If you can’t be with your child, organize for another trusted adult to accompany them.

 After school, meet your child at the school gate. At the end of the school day, children may be excited, distracted, or tired and often not concentrating on their own safety.

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