Licence classes from driving school Bexley

By George

This handbook includes the basic driving lessons Bexley, NSW about getting a Car (C) licence. The vehicles you can drive with a C licence are below. If you have a provisional P1 or P2 licence, there are restrictions on the vehicles youcan drive. See Licence restrictions on page 19. Other vehicles, such as motorcycles and heavy vehicles,

need different licences. You must have your C licence before getting these licences – except for Rider (R) licences. You also have to take tests, competency assessments and medical checks.

Car (C) licence

Drivers with a C licence can drive vehicles:

  • up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass(GVM)
  • that seat up to 12 adults including the driver.

This includes:

  • utes, vans and some light trucks
  • tractors, and implements such asroad graders
  • car-based motor tricycles (3-wheeled vehicles made from car components).

Drivers with a C licence must not carry passengers aged under 16 in a car-based motor tricycle.

Rider (R) licence

Riders with an R licence can ride any motorcycle, scooter or motor tricycle.

See the Motorcycle Riders’ Handbook

Light Rigid (LR) licence

Drivers with an LR licence can drive Cvehicles as well as vehicles:

  • over 4.5 tonnes (GVM) but not more than 8 tonnes (GVM) – for example, small delivery trucks
  • that seat more than 12 adults (includingdriver) and are not more than 8tonnes(GVM) – for example, minibuses
  • with a towing trailer up to 9 tonnes(GVM).

Medium Rigid (MR) licence

Drivers with an MR licence can drive C andLR vehicles as well as rigid vehicles with:

  • 2 axles and over 8 tonnes (GVM) –for example, buses
  • a towing trailer up to 9 tonnes (GVM).

Heavy Rigid (HR) licence

Drivers with an HR licence can drive C, LR and MR vehicles, as well as rigid vehicles and articulated buses with:

  • 3 or more axles and over 8 tonnes (GVM)
  • a towing trailer up to 9 tonnes (GVM).

HeavyCombination (HC) licence

Drivers with an HC licence can drive C, LR, MR and HR vehicles, as well as:

  • prime movers attached to single semi-trailers (plus anyunladen converter dolly)
  • rigid vehicles towing a trailer over 9 tonnes (GVM) (plus any unladen converter dolly).

Multi Combination (MC) licence

Drivers with an MC licence can drive C, LR, MR, HR and HCvehicles, as well as:

  • B-double or road trains
  • low loader dollies
  • low loader trailer combinations.

For information about LR, MR, HR, HC and MC licences, see HeavyVehicle Driver Handbook at

Other licences

Once you have your full C licence, you can apply for a:

  • Passenger Transport (PT) licence code (taxis, chauffeur-driven hire cars and rideshare vehicles) – see Point to point transport drivers at
  • Driving instructor licence – see Driving instructors
  • Tow truck driver certificate – see Tow trucks

Once you have a licence for the class of bus you want to drive, you can apply for a:

  • Bus Driver Authority – see Applying for a new Bus DriverAuthority at
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