By George

Road laws and road rules help keep our roads safe for everyone.
If you break them, you put yourself and other road users at risk.
That’s why penalties apply – to encourage drivers to follow the
rules and keep driving safely.
Penalties range from fines and demerit points to losing your
licence and going to prison. The penalty reflects the safety risk
of the offence. For example, offences that can cause serious
injury or death, such as speeding or drink driving, have more
severe penalties.
There are fines for every type of driving offence – for example,
parking illegally, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, driving
a vehicle that’s not registered, or not complying with your
licence restrictions.
You can get a penalty notice on the spot or in the post and you
have to pay a fine. The fine amount depends on the offence. If it’s
a serious offence, you may have to go to court.
See Pay your fine at
Unpaid fines
If you do not pay a fine by the due date, your driver licence can be
suspended and/or your vehicle registration can be cancelled.
If you cannot pay the full amount, you may be able to set up a
payment plan at

If you do not pay or set up a payment plan within 6 months of
your suspension, your licence can be cancelled and you will have
to apply to have your licence reissued. You can only do this when
you’ve paid all outstanding fines. Any demerit points are carried
over when your suspension ends or you get a new licence.
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