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To drive safely and avoid crashing your car, you first must be aware of all surrounding vehicles and obstacles. Then you will need to focus on the road ahead and respond to changing conditions. Finally, when you notice danger, you need to react quickly and steer clear of disaster. To develop good vehicle control skills, you need to pay attention to every detail of what is happening around you and anticipate potential hazards.

Driving Schools help drivers learn what to do while driving. Learners will learn at their rate and according to their personal needs. Through practice, drivers will gain experience and self-awareness. Extended training helps them understand the effect of their actions on others around them. Once drivers are confident enough to operate a vehicle safely, driving instructors will ensure that they receive proper road signs, signals, and adequate training regarding traffic laws.

A&V driving School in Kensington offer training courses that provide driving lessons in basic skills, advanced driving, defensive driving, traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and much more. The driving lesson in Kensington starts with a briefing where you will get acquainted with the area and road traffic rules. Afterward, you will go out for an actual practice session in a specially fitted vehicle, where you will learn how to drive properly and safely. 

At A&V driving school in Kensington, the instructors provide lessons for people of all ages, experience levels, and skill sets to ensure each student receives the best possible instruction. We always aim to teach our students the correct way to behave in any given situation, whether it involves driving around town or navigating through traffic. We hope to ensure you are never injured while on the road by teaching you proper driving habits. Each student receives individual attention and guidance from an experienced driving instructor in Kensington

Our location is central and easily accessible in Kensington, and our classroom is equipped with modern facilities and equipment, including computers, car simulators, and video cameras. The instructors teach you how to drive and cover all aspects of your car. Driving lessons in Kensington provide detailed information on what needs to be done to ensure your vehicle performs appropriately when ready to go out on the road.

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