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Situated just 16 kilometers south of Sydney's busy central business district, the dynamic suburb of Hurstville is a distinctive and varied community that lies in the middle of Southern Sydney. South Hurstville, which is a proud member of the St George community, is home to the Georges River Council's thriving administration. This vibrant area stands out from the rest of the city due to its diverse cultural fabric, which is dominated by Asian Australians. Hurstville is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in Australia, with over 63% of the population deriving from various Asian nations.  It is often affectionately referred to as "Sydney's Real Chinatown," where over a third of the residents are immigrants hailing primarily from mainland China, creating a rich mosaic of traditions and influences in this vibrant locale.

With its diversified and active population,  South Hurstville's streets require a certain agility when navigating. This diversity is reflected in the driving culture of the suburbs, which offers special chances and difficulties for individuals who want to become proficient drivers. It is a location where driving customs and styles from around the globe come together to provide a unique and stimulating driving experience. Hurstville's roads are a reflection of the multicultural makeup of its community, which makes it an ideal location to learn how to adjust to different driving customs and road etiquette. This is an essential skill in the diverse driving culture of Australia.   

The AV Driving School is a shining example of excellence and inclusivity in South Hurstville, amidst the city's unique driving dynamics and diversity of cultures. Reputable for providing thorough, culturally aware driving training that meets the various demands of Hurstville's population, AV Driving School takes pleasure in its work. Their skilled teachers are adept at handling the peculiar driving obstacles brought on by Hurstville's multicultural population as well as the complexities of the city's roads. For students from all backgrounds, AV Driving School is the best option because of its dedication to traffic safety, broad awareness of other cultures, and individualized teaching methods. AV Driving School makes sure that everyone can drive comfortably and safely, regardless of whether they've lived in the area for a long time or are just moving here. Why wait? Just enroll in AV and be a safe driver! 


We offer a wide range of driver training to suit all experience levels and goals.

  • Automatic Driving Lessons
  • Manual Driving Lessons
  • Keys2Drive Program
  • Driving Test
  • Defensive Driving Lesson
  • Refresher Driving Lesson

Our Qualifications

A&V is Sydney's leading expert in driver education. We provide driving lessons with automatic and manual cars, teaching students to be safe and confident. We offer a range of driving lessons in Sydney, to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering quality education with an experienced and professional team. Our instructors have the following certifications:

  • RMS Licenced Driving Instructor
  • Cert IV in Driving Instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course Coach 
  • NDIS Accredited Driving Instructor 
  • Safer Drivers Coach Facilitator 
  • Keys2Drive Accredited Driving Instructor 
  • Front line management  
  • Certificate 4 in training assessment
  • TAE40110 - Trainer & Assessor for The Academy of Road Safety 

NDIS Driving Lessons

We offer driving lessons through the NDIS to students in Botany. To learn more about our NDIS qualifications and how it works or to enquire fill out the form here. 

Driving Test Preparation

If you are taking your driving test in or near Botany, we prepare you by doing mock driving tests in the area.

Your instructor will guide you through the routes to the test location you requested. They can check your application documents, and log your learning issues. Topics include low-risk driving, speed management, road position, decision-making, and responding to hazards. For better preparation, review the guideline before conducting the test.

Some Of Our Recent Students

student passing driving test in Botany
girl driving in botany bay
student with red p plates in botany bay

Recent Testimonials


George is the most amazing driving instructor thankyiu for having me as ur client and first go i passed my test all thanks to george apperciate everything u have taught me Amazing work from george would recommend him to everyone

Nohadra Nwia


Great service on short notice, and a great teacher

Melvyn Semu


George gave me a great learning driving experience, helping me to pass my P’s test successfully.

Jacob Hassan


I'm glad I choose AV driving to prepare for my driving test. George was patient and helped me polish my driving skills. I passed my driving test in first go.

Safi Khan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to take driving lessons in my car? Yes, you can learn to drive in your car in Australia with a fully licensed supervisor as long it's fully insured and meets NSW regulations for learner vehicles. Many people choose to do so for several reasons.
When does AV driving school offer lessons? Our business hours are from 7 AM till late and seven days a week. We take utmost care in accommodating the learners' convenience and special requests.
How long will it take to get my license? It depends on your ability to learn driving skills as every individual is unique. We assist you in acquiring those skills in the fastest and most practical way. On average, it takes 25 hours for a new learner to be equipped to drive safely.
What type of car will be used for the lesson? Our fleet of cars is the most modern in the industry, and all our vehicles are less than four years old. We provide training in manual and automatic cars in all areas we serve.
What is the minimum age requirement? The minimum legal driving age in Australia is 16. You must also pass a knowledge test have a supervised by full license or Instructor complete 120 hours in the logbook minimum of 20 hours for night driving and age 17 pass the practical driving test you be eligible to drive on the road by yourself as a P Plater provisional license.
What is the duration of each class? It usually lasts for 1 hour. However, the class duration can be increased to 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the student's needs.
Where will my lessons be held? The driving lessons start and finish at a location convenient to you. The sessions can start from your home address, school, or office as advised by you.
Are AV Driving School cars dual-controlled? Our cars are safety guaranteed! This means that our vehicles are not only fully inspected and verified by TfNSW (the Australian Transport Safety Authority) but also equipped with dual controls. All our cars are with 5-star safety ratings.

If you have any further questions call us at 0406 420 560 or contact us below. 


Instructors in South Hurstville

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