Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment Sydney

At A&V Driving School, we work with occupational therapists to help people regain driving privileges post-disability. We work with OT's throughout the Sydney area.

Our experience working with individuals, rehabilitation and insurance providers as well as providing services to NDIS makes us the perfect choice.

Driving is an invaluable skill and it provides us (or other drivers) with various benefits such as control, independence, demands, vision etc. It takes a lot of physical capacity and good vision in order to drive on the road; people who are cognitively challenged are advised not to take up this task.

We team up with OTs in Sydney to help them evaluate a patient's driving ability. We bring the car and driving instruction while the OT sits in the back seat assessing. 

Are You An OT?

We are always looking to partner with OT's to help them evaluate their patients. Fill out the form below or give a call to discuss working together. 

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