Defensive Driving Lesson

The defensive driving lesson is a comprehensive 3 hour lesson. It will ensure you feel confident driving on busy and fast city roads and will enhance your driver awareness skills. 

We'll meet you at your pick up adress and drive throughout the city and on the highways. After you lesson, we'll drop you back to your desired location. This lesson is suitable for drivers who have already completed some intial driving lessons and know how to operate a vehicle. It is also a great option for international drivers who would like to convert their licence to an Autralian licence. 

Topics covered

    • Highway driving
    • Tunnel driving
    • Merging
    • Passing
    • Lane changes
    • Exiting the highway
    • Speed control
    • Driver awareness

Defensive Driving Lesson

(3 Hours)
  • Pick Up
  • Drop Off
  • Comprehensive highway driving
  • Detailed feedback
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