Written by George Slewo


Since starting in 2006 after finding great success and enjoyment teaching my niece to drive, I've pursued a career as a professional, certified driving instructor. 

Now with over 16 years experience, I still thoroughly enjoy teaching people to drive and find one of my greatest skills is making my students to feel relaxed and stress-free. 

My philosophy is that not all students learn at the same pace, so driving lessons should be tailored to the individuals needs. Learning at an appropriate pace, with focus on the areas which need it, and where students wish to be challenged, produces confident and safe drivers.

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Learner driver supervisor

Written by George Slewo

You must always drive with a supervisor sitting in the seat next
to you.
Your learner licence can be immediately suspended if you drive
without a supervisor.
Supervisor requirements
A supervisor must have a full (unrestricted) Australian driver's
licence. This means a driver with a learner, provisional P1 or P2,
or overseas licence must not supervise a learner driver.
See Licence restrictions on page 19.
Both the supervisor and the learner driver can be fined if the
the supervisor does not have a full Australian driver's licence.
Alcohol and drugs
When supervising a learning driver, a supervisor must:
• have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) under 0.05
• not have illegal drugs present in their system or be under
the influence of any drug.
Police can breath-test a supervisor involved in a crash.
If a supervisor is admitted to the hospital after a crash,
medical practitioners can also take blood and urine tests.
See Alcohol limits on page 39.
Police can also test a supervisor who shows signs of being
under the influence of drugs, including prescription drugs.
See Drugs and medicines on page 43.
The same severe penalties for alcohol and drugs that apply
to drivers also apply to supervisors.

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