Hold your child’s hand

Written by George Slewo

As pedestrians, children can be easily distracted and are often too small to be seen by drivers. They may be unable to predict or identify dangers and tend to act impulsively.

 Talk with your child about safe behavior on the footpath – it’s not a safe place to play as it is near the road and vehicles may be entering or exiting driveways.

Until your child is at least eight years old, hold their hand:

  • on the footpath
  • in the car park
  • when crossing the road.

Up until at least 10 years old, supervise your child very closely, holding their hand when crossing the road.

 If you can’t be with your child, organize for another trusted adult to accompany them.

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Overtaking and merging

Written by George Slewo

Learn all the basic lessons from driving school Marrickville. Take care when overtaking, changing lanes, and merging. If you have any doubts, wait until it’s safer.

Before overtaking, changing lanes, or merging, always check your mirrors and blind spots. Especially look out for motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and large vehicles. Make sure you indicate to let others know your intention. Always give other vehicles enough room to overtake, merge or change lanes.



Be careful when overtaking. You need to accurately judge the space you need to pass another vehicle safely. If you have any doubts, wait until it’s safer.

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Licenses in Sydney

Written by George Slewo

Getting your driver licence is a journey. In NSW, it starts with learning to drive from driving school Wolli Creek and getting your learner licence. Your learning is spread over 3 or 4years to help build experience to become a safe and skilled driver. A driver licence gives you freedom but also brings responsibility. It’s a commitment between you and the NSW community to keep the roads safe for everyone. There’s a set process and set fees for getting your driver licence. You must go through the process honestly and not bribe anyone or cheat along the way. When you get your licence, do not abuse or misuse it. If you do, you risk heavy penalties. You may lose your licence and your freedom to drive.

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Safe driving behavior

Written by George Slewo

Every year around 350 people are killed on NSW roads.

Another 22,000 are injured.

The major behavioral factors that contribute to deaths onthe road are:

  • speeding
  • drink driving
  • drug driving
  • fatigue
  • not wearing seatbelts.

Speed limits

Speeding is the number one killer on NSW roads. On average, it’s a factor in around 40% of deaths and 20% of serious injurieseach year.


The rules

Speed limits

On roads where there’s a speed limit sign, you must not drivefaster than that speed limit.

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