Driving without a licence

Written by George Slewo

You must always carry your licence when driving.
Police can ask to see your licence anytime. If you’re using a digital
driver's licence make sure your phone is charged and the screen is
not cracked.
You can get a fine for driving without your licence with you or
refusing to show it when asked.
Your licence must be:
• current (not expired, suspended or disqualified)
• the correct licence class for the type of vehicle you’re driving
• an NSW licence, unless you’re complying with the current
requirements and conditions for interstate and overseas
driver licences. See Interstate and overseas licences 
Penalties for driving without the correct, current licence include
large fines and prison, and an increase for repeat offences within
5 years.
You must not let anyone without a licence drive your vehicle.

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Walking together safely to and from school

Written by George Slewo

Walking to school and back home again is a great way to spend time with your children and encourage safe and healthy behaviors.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep your children safer as a pedestrian:

  • Talk with your children about being alert in the road environment.
  • Plan and practice your trip to school so you use pedestrian crossings where possible.
  • Always hold your child’s hand. Children need your help to spot dangers such as vehicles coming out of driveways. They can also be easily distracted and wander into traffic.
  • Meet your child near the school gate and don’t call them from across the road.
  • Explain why the place you have chosen is the safest place to cross.
  • Remind your child to STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! THINK! every time they cross the road and keep checking until safely across.
  • Talk to them about why they should stop, look, listen, think before crossing a driveway, road, or car park.

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