Vehicle safety features

Written by George Slewo

Vehicle safety features can significantly improve safety and are
becoming more widely available. Technologies like autonomous
emergency braking (AEB) and lane support systems can reduce
the risk of a crash. Side curtain airbags can reduce the severity of
an injury if a crash cannot be avoided.
Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, consider safety
features and look for cars that are rated highly by the Australasian
New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) or the Used Car Safety
Ratings Buyer’s Guide. See Safety ratings at road safety. transport.


Airbags are a supplementary restraining system (SRS). They are
designed to work together with seatbelts. For the driver’s airbag to
work best, adjust your steering wheel low, facing your chest.
It’s important that your airbags work and comply with the
regulations. A faulty airbag is a defect, which means your vehicle is
not safe to drive.

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